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Simple and powerfull GSM + LTE Authentication Calculator: TUAK, Milenage, COMP128-1, 2, 3, Xor Visualyze and Analyze all APDUs between handset and RUIM, (U)SIM All you need to work with SIM, USIM, R-UIM card: build card tree, read, write, export GSM 03.48 compliant solutions for Over-The-Air campaign DES, 3DES, AES, MD5, and other encryptions and hashes Parse an ISO 7816-3 ATR online A collection of Java Card projects in source A simple tool to convert CAP files into IJC format

    RuimTools Privacy Policy

    We are committed to protecting your privacy and the security of information you provide to us. RuimTools Inc. (RuimTools) will not sell, rent, lease or disclose customer information to third parties unless required by law or unless you provide consent to such a disclosure. Other terms of RuimTools' privacy policy are as follows:

    Information Collection

    When you engage in activities on our website or within our products, like ordering or registering products, downloading trial versions of software or software updates, requesting technical support, or subscribing to newsletters and e-mail publications, RuimTools may ask you to provide us with information.

    By choosing to enter and submit the requested information when prompted, you are consenting to RuimTools' collection, use, and disclosure of such information for the purposes of providing the services to you as outlined herein.

    Any information you post to a chat room or public bulletin is available to all users of that site.

    How We Use Your Information

    Any information collected will be used only by RuimTools to improve our products, services and website, or to communicate with you in the form of newsletters and notices if you give us permission to do so. RuimTools uses information and/or e-mail addresses for internal purposes only and does not sell, lease or rent information to third parties.

    Trial Software Activation

    A valid e-mail address is required to receive trial unlock codes for many of our products. If you enter into a trial period of RuimTools software, and consent to our use of your e-mail address by providing the same, we may contact you via e-mail to provide additional information on our products and to survey you on your satisfaction with our software. We may also contact you to provide advance notice of termination of the trial period or an opportunity to extend your trial period. E-mail is our preferred method of communication and we value the privilege to use it.

    Product Purchasing

    Information we ask you to provide when purchasing or ordering will be only the information necessary to process your purchase or order. When fulfilling an order we will ask for your name, e-mail address, address (for shipping purposes), telephone number and credit card number, type and expiration date (if paying by credit card). We will use this information only for matters related to your order or product registration unless you request otherwise. Your credit card information will be maintained only for a period reasonably necessary to ensure payment has been received.

    Product Registration

    If, after or during purchase, you choose to register your RuimTools software, any information you provide will only be used to improve the service provided to you as a result of your registration. The details of information we gather will be used to uniquely identify your relationship to an RuimTools software application and potentially to support communication with you including: notification of software updates and service releases, notice of changes in policy that relate to the use of your software, and the provision to you of prioritized customer service or technical support.

    RuimTools Newsletter and Information List Memberships

    When you consent to receive newsletters, RuimTools may use information it has collected to provide you with mailed or e-mailed notices according to the preferences that you indicate to us. This may include notice in the form of newsletters, website update notices, notification of the availability of new products or product updates as well as information on promotions and special offers. You can elect to not receive any further notices from RuimTools, either by 1) unsubscribing directly to any e-mail you receive, or 2) by visiting our Preference Center, which lists the publications you are subscribed to and allows you to unsubscribe or change your preferences. (You can log-in to the preference center once you have submitted your e-mail address to RuimTools and it has been processed.)

    RuimTools Website or RuimTools Product User Surveys

    The purpose of this information request will be optional and required only to engage in certain activities. Additional information we may ask you to provide when choosing to engage in other activities on our website or within our products may include name, mailing address, telephone number, facsimile numbers, e-mail address, and other demographic information that will enable us to better understand the requirements of our customers and to continue to provide high quality products and services.

    Website and other over-Internet Activity

    RuimTools may profile website activity and compile data in aggregate form in order to better understand user activities and the success of various ad campaigns. This information is important to us as it enables us to continue to provide products specific to our customers' interests. Site visitor behavior information is compiled in aggregate and does not represent individually identifiable information. RuimTools uses cookies on its websites to help us publish content relevant to our customers needs and wants. Browser cookies may also be used by the RuimTools services when you are accessing the Internet.

    No personally identifiable information is transmitted across the Internet when using the RuimTools services (optional use from within RuimTools software), unless you choose to supply us with such information. Information that may be transmitted includes logging information and browser cookies. RuimTools may link website visitors to websites operated by third parties who are select partners of RuimTools. RuimTools attempts to select reputable partners but does not guarantee the security of any personal information disclosed on those sites.

    Security of Your Personal Information

    RuimTools takes the protection of the personal information you provide very seriously. Personal information collected is stored in password-controlled servers with limited access. When passing information over the Internet through the RuimTools service, information is protected through the use of encryption, specifically through the use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. However, perfect security on the Internet does not yet exist and we cannot warrant that our transfer of data is impenetrable or invulnerable to hackers. Internal data is shared through secured transmissions and maintained in secured databases.

    RuimTools may hire certain outside contractors to perform services or functions on our behalf (such as customer support, packaging & shipping). We will only provide those companies the personal information they need to complete the desired service. They are not permitted to use customer information for any other purpose and are obligated to keep your customer information confidential.

    Information submitted to RuimTools may be transferred across national boundaries to or from our staff in other countries. RuimTools will only disclose information if required to do so by law, legal process or if in good faith it is deemed necessary for the public interest.

    Privacy Issues and Concerns & Altering or Correcting Information

    At any time you may review, alter or remove any personal information, including the permitted uses of your personal information, by contacting RuimTools at:

    RuimTools Inc.
    Privacy/Customer Service
    P.O.Box 287-B
    Kiev 01001

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding our online privacy policy or should you wish to withdraw your consent, contact us by e-mail.

    Phone: +380-44-539-1097

    About Your Optional Connection Via RuimTools Software

    Logging information is passed to the RuimTools server and includes such details as: connection time; Internet protocol (IP) address; application identification; host product identification (for example, informing the server that RuimTools is); language of host application; product version (for example, what version of RuimTools is the host software); date of host install; date of server connection, and license number (if applicable).

    This information is used to present you with relevant content through the RuimTools service and provide you with notice of the latest available upgrades and components relevant to the software you are using. The license number is used to determine if a user is entitled to product updates and whether the software is an authorized copy. Most of the information transmitted is neither unique, nor traceable to your machine. The exceptions are the client IP address and the application identification.

    The client IP is necessary to establish the connection with RuimTools server and is known to the server the moment you connect. The application ID is constructed from a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID). A GUID is an alphanumeric identifier used to indicate a unique installation of a product and is used in many popular software applications. An application's GUID is randomly generated the first time an RuimTools application is run. The application ID is generated via operating system functions, and is stored by your host application for logging.

    When connecting with the RuimTools server, your application ID is used to uniquely identify your connection. This ID does not contain any personally identifiable information.

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