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Simple and powerfull GSM + LTE Authentication Calculator: TUAK, Milenage, COMP128-1, 2, 3, Xor Visualyze and Analyze all APDUs between handset and RUIM, (U)SIM All you need to work with SIM, USIM, R-UIM card: build card tree, read, write, export GSM 03.48 compliant solutions for Over-The-Air campaign DES, 3DES, AES, MD5, and other encryptions and hashes Parse an ISO 7816-3 ATR online A collection of Java Card projects in source A simple tool to convert CAP files into IJC format

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Telecom: Industry News

      A definitive list of NFC phones

    2011-11-09SD Association and GlobalPlatform Collaboration
    SD Association and GlobalPlatform Collaborate to Enable New Smart Card Applications on SD Memory Cards
    2011-11-09Apple patents "SIM within" secure element technology

    A newly published Apple patent application sets out a way for a virtual SIM card to be built into an embedded secure element which can, in turn, be attached to an NFC controller chip.
    2011-08-24Nokia launches three Symbian Belle NFC smartphones
    The three new devices range in price from ?180 to ?290 and run a new version of Symbian that integrates NFC more deeply, allowing pictures to be shared, devices to be paired and check-ins to be made with a single tap.
    2011-08-23RIM unveils three BlackBerry Curve NFC smartphones
    The BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370 smartphones all feature built-in NFC capabilities as well as upgraded processors, displays and memory.
    2011-08-23Thales launches NFC OTA provisioning solution
    The new solution is designed to make it easy for card issuers to prepare and encrypt customer data so that it can be sent securely over-the-air to cardholders' NFC phones.
    2011-05-05European Payments Council launches public consultation on mobile contactless payments
    The payments organisation is calling on the industry to provide feedback on its suggested NFC interoperability guidelines by 17 June.
    2011-05-02UPM adds two new NFC tags
    NFC and RFID tag supplier UPM RFID has added two new types of NFC tag to its range. The new Circus and MiniBlock tags are smaller than the company's existing BullsEye, RaceTrack and MiniTrack tags and are designed for applications where a small footprint is required.
    2011-05-02Visa unveils mobile payment best practice guidelines

    The card giant has set out best practices and minimum standards for encryption and made clear the solution provider's responsibilities to secure cardholder data when mobile devices are used to accept payment.
    2011-05-02RIM unveils BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 NFC phones
    After months of speculation, Research in Motion has formally announced that its new touchscreen BlackBerry Bold smartphones will come with near field communication capabilities.
    2011-04-26The CARTES & IDentification Trade Show 2011 kicks off
    Never have the words "Business, Innovation, Discovery" more aptly described the CARTES & IDentification Trade Show — the world No. 1 event in digital security, smart technology, payment and contactless — to be held in Paris from 15 to 17 November 2011.
    2011-04-1720% of smartphones to carry NFC by 2014
    Another piece of smartphone research has hit the headlines, this time regarding NFC or Near Field Communications. NFC is a technology which enables your...
    2011-04-16NFC Forum publishes smart posters white paper
    The NFC Forum has published a white paper about developing and deploying NFC smart posters, designed to encourage businesses and consumers to implement and use them.
    2011-04-06 SIMalliance Open Mobile API boosts Smartphone Application Security
    London, 6th April 2011: To combat the growing number of malicious attacks on smartphone applications and operating systems, the SIMalliance today announces the availability of its Open Mobile API.
    For the first time this allows application providers to access and utilize the Secure Element* within the internet-connected mobile device, providing highly secure two-factor authentication to enable the secure delivery of a host of NFC, payment and identity services.
    2011-02-21World’s leading mobile operators commit to NFC — with the SIM as the secure element and the operator
    The GSMA has issued a statement outlining a commitment by leading global mobile network operators — many of whom have not previously been involved in NFC — to launch commercial services in 2012. "The operator community is focused on driving the standardised deployment of mobile NFC, using the SIM as the secure element to provide authentication, security and portability," says the announcement.
    2011-01-14First Android NFC apps begin to appear
    The first NFC apps are starting to appear in the Android Market, just weeks after the NFC-enabled 'Gingerbread' version of the mobile operating system made its debut.
    2011-01-13Uncovered: The hidden NFC potential of the Google Nexus S and the Nokia C7
    Mobile and NFC experts Dr Gerald Madlmayr and Christian Kantner have taken apart both a Nokia C7 and a Google Nexus S to find out what's inside and what kind of services it will be possible to offer via the handsets in the future — and to build a Nexus S that can operate in full card emulation mode. Here Dr Madlmayr explains what he and Kantner discovered...
    2011-01-11Writing tags with Nexus S
    As said by Google CEO Eric Schmidt two month ago, the operating system Android 2.3 includes support for near field communication. But, at least in terms of the API and the sample code they supply, this version only includes tag reading capability. However, the PN544 NFC chip inside the Nexus S supports read and write operations so, at the hardware level, all the functionality you need to support a full range of NFC services is in the handset.

R-UIM Tool

    R-UIM Check: The tool verifies a R-UIM compliance against standards: 3GPP2 C.S0023, 3GPP2 C.S0065, OMH
    R-UIM Scan: Performs R-UIM scan to build card file tree structure, and 3GPP2 standard compliance
    Cave: Tool verifies Cave authentication, Update SSD, Confirm SSD commands
    CDMA2000: Tool verifies Compute IP 3GPD commands: HRPD, Simple IP, Mobile IP authentication commands
    PRL: Update PRL, Extended PRL on the card
    Others... Additional features like to calculate CDMA specific parameters (IMSI_M, A-KEY crc, 3GPD Shared Secrets, etc)
    USIM Tool: (U)SIM card are supported with 3G Multi Applications Current version released MAY 24, 2015.
    Professional CDMA, GSM, UMTS support and consulting

2G + 3G/4G Auhtentication

    TUAK: New TUAK algorithm is now supported
    All Standard Algos: Powerful COMP128-1, COMP128-2, COMP128-3 and MILENAGE calculation
    Xor: Test AKA (aka XOR) algorithm is also supported
    Commands: Tool executes and verifies 2G and 3G Authentication commands, including Run GSM Algo, 2G Virtual Context, and 3G Synchronisation Failure
    APDU Scripts: Detailed Authentication APDU scripts available for exploration
    Easy to use: Two-click card Authentication
    Standard: 3GPP Specifications compliant
    4G: KASME derivation is now supported

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