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Simple and powerfull GSM + LTE Authentication Calculator: TUAK, Milenage, COMP128-1, 2, 3, Xor Visualyze and Analyze all APDUs between handset and RUIM, (U)SIM All you need to work with SIM, USIM, R-UIM card: build card tree, read, write, export GSM 03.48 compliant solutions for Over-The-Air campaign DES, 3DES, AES, MD5, and other encryptions and hashes Parse an ISO 7816-3 ATR online A collection of Java Card projects in source A simple tool to convert CAP files into IJC format

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    RuimTools is actively seeking dynamic, committed companies to form strategic, mutually beneficial Business Partnerships.

    We offer several levels of distribution.

    1. Reseller (RuimTools Authorised Business Partner)
    2. An Authorised Business Partner is granted the rights to resell RuimTools products to end users within their jurisdiction.

    3. Regional Distributor (RuimTools Premium Business Partner)
    4. A Premium Business Partner is granted EXCLUSIVE rights to distribute RuimTools products through a network of resellers as well as to end users within their jurisdiction.

    5. OEM
    6. OEM solutions are available as an option for large scale deployment.

    7. Customised Distribution Model
    8. A customised distribution model is also available to suit specific customer needs.

    In general, for distribution (Business Partnership) we require a minimum commitment from you (up-front purchase) and acceptance of some key terms.

    For more information regarding distribution and establish a dialogue, please contact RuimTools using this form with the subject "Distribution". Please ensure you include your company name, url and the type of distribution model you are considering. Once we receive your inquiry, we will forward more information and instructions on how we can proceed further.